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Toyota Harrrier’s pros and cons at a glance

When it comes to choosing a convenient SUV, everyone has their own taste and Toyota Corporation already knows that. In that case, they do have a wide array of 4×4 cars and SUVs to choose from. The Toyota Harrrier is one of them which is also referred to as the RX300 in different market places. The Harrrier weighs about 1,790 kgs and about 6’ 15’. It boasts a 4 speed automatic transmission and a 24 valve V6 engine. It has a top speed of 112mph and can be priced differently depending on location. That’s the introduction to the first Harrrier model to hit the market.


Toyota Harrier is in its third generation of production and there have been various changes along the way. Nevertheless, the basics are still the same. The Toyota Harrrier is a nice car but has often been criticized due to its performance. Originally, it was meant to enter the market as a crossover SUV and at the same time a luxury car. SUVs such as Acura MDX and Infinity QX4 were preferred by SUV lovers than the Toyota Harrrier this led Toyota Corporation to redesign it to the Highlander for the US market. Nevertheless, there are a couple of things that you need to note about the Toyota Harrrier.



The Toyota Harrrier is reasonably compact and is able to handle well as a 4×4.When compared to a Lexus LX or GS, it terms of steering, it seems better. When driving, its feel is just like the Ford Maverick. It has 70 profile tires that make driving more comfortable. Compared to a BMW X5 on a difficult road, the Harrrier takes the day.


It has a skid control system which regulates engine power and braking when in harsh weather conditions. It comes with a large gas tank which comes in handy when travelling long distances. When it comes to the interior, you find yourself comfortable with an 8 way electric seat while the passengers enjoy their reclining seats. There is a touch screen at the dash board that allows you to change the CD, radio and cassette as you wish. The auto shift lever is big and solid not to mention all the room left for luggage.




Many people were disappointed by some minor errors in the designing such as poor design of cup holders, a tight interior, sudden battery drain downs and expensive warranty charges, etc. The mirrors offered a poor field of view according to some owners. Some people complained that they did not find it very useful off road and therefore didn’t qualify to be mentioned among the SUVs. In fact, most people who were expecting a Lexus are the only the ones who benefited as it doesn’t have what it takes to become a fully operational SUV.



After you read through a complete Toyota Harrrier review, it’s usually up to you to judge the vehicle. The reason behind this is because; everyone has their own specific needs when it comes to buying a car. The Harrrier may be suitable for someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time off road but again be a nuisance for someone who loves adventure.


Judging by the consumer responses, some people are happy with the Harrrier while others loath it. We would conclude by noting that Toyota Corporation made a nice car for a certain target audience but marketed it across the world which received some negativity. If you find the Toyota Harrrier takes care of your needs, do not hesitate to buy a used one and try it out first. If you just want a luxurious car to report to work and shop with, then the Harrrier is quite a good option.


Toyota Corolla –why it’s the best selling car in the world

As you walk down the street, it’s very common to come a cross a Toyota. Depending on your country of residence, you must have seen a couple of Toyota Corollas around your neighborhood. The reason behind this is that no car beats the sales of the Toyota Corolla all over the world since time immemorial. You doubt that? Well, tell me of any other car that has sold over 31 million vehicles across the world. Before we go into the details of why it’s popular, let’s have a look at a brief history of the Corolla.


The Toyota Corolla was manufactured in Japan and started being shipped to the U.S in early 1968. During this era, the only available models were four door sedans, two door wagons and two door coups. At the time, a four speed manual transmission and a 1.1 liter four cylinder engine were very convenient and all Toyota had to do was build one. This marked the beginning of a legacy for the Toyota Corolla which had a simple design and a reliable engine. The Corolla is one of the oldest models that is still manufactured to date. Why is the Corolla so popular?


First of all, everyone wants a reliable car that won’t stress them up each and every time. When it comes to Toyota Corolla price, it sometimes looks like a big cheat to the manufacturers. Moreover, the car is cheap to run as its spare parts are easily available. The Toyota Corolla is one of the most practical and reliable cars we have today. Although the Corolla had received some negative publicity some time back, many buyers still opt for the Corolla as it’s well equipped.


Many people working from nine to five will prefer a Toyota Corolla in place of any other model. Urban dwellers will also prefer a Toyota Corolla for their daily activities in place of any expensive and powerful vehicle. For instance, if you spend around 30- 50 minutes in a traffic jam, then you spend very little fuel with a Corolla unlike someone using a range rover. Furthermore, Toyotas are easy to handle and don’t require too much maintenance. In an urban setting, there is no need for a very powerful vehicle. In fact, people look for economical cars that will allow them to commute and still save some fuel and maintenance money.

Toyota Corolla models are also stylish and can easily be modified to suit your style. Due to the number of Toyota Corollas on sale today, the number of accessories has also increased making it easy to customize your vehicle. Customizing your Corolla with interior and exterior accessories is very affordable. There are literally millions of accessories specifically created for the Corollas on the market today.


Another reason that makes it easy to own a Toyota Corolla is the numerous outlets available worldwide. Toyota Corollas are available worldwide except that in some countries they are faced with high competition such as the U.K by other models. Nevertheless, Toyota ships its products to destinations across the world. Furthermore, they already have their office in various parts of the world and therefore it’s easy to find spare parts and other Toyota Corolla accessories.


Finally, it’s very easy to sell your Toyota Corolla in case you need to buy a new model. There are numerous websites selling used cars and all you need to do is post an advert and any willing buyer will contact you. Due to its numerous advantages, the car literally sells itself and therefore you do not have to explain the advantages of owning one to the customer. The Toyota Corolla also has numerous spin offs such as Levin, Ceres, Verso and Spacio among others. This gives buyers a chance to settle for their favorite spin off


What you need to know before buying Toyota Hilux Surf

It’s sometimes difficult to come into a conclusion when purchasing something. Virtually anything that costs you a good sum of money is difficult to settle for before asking so many questions. If you are purchasing your first car and have decided, it will be a Toyota Hilux Surf, then at least you have already decided the model but have no idea what to expect or look out for. For starters, Toyota Hilux Surf is the one that takes care of your needs.


Basically, you will have to list down what you are looking for in the car. There are numerous 4×4 cars that are meant for different purposes and therefore, you need to set your priorities first.  You will have to note what you want to do with your Surf. Do you want an adventure car that will spend half of it’s lifetime off road or do you just want a car to take you around town? Those are some questions you need to ask yourself. Other things such as budget and personal taste will also be considered when purchasing any car. Nevertheless, here are some facts about the Hilux Surf that you need to put in mind before purchasing one.


Year of manufacture

This is something that you need to consider if you want to enjoy the best out of your Hilux Surf. There are four main generations of the Toyota Hilux Surf. Each generation has something to offer and therefore you need to stick to your priorities as some changes may be minor.


In the second generation models, a few changes such as engine power were made. You could find 3.8 and 2.8 turbo diesel engine as well as 3.0 and 2.0 liter petrol engines. Nothing much was changed as they only removed the fiber glass at the rear and replaced it with a steel shell.

The third generation Surfs did not have a lot of changes made to them from the original concept either. They only made them larger to accommodate more luggage and passengers. They also added the dual airbags and the ABS. The fourth generation cars are still being produced and therefore have enhanced features. Nevertheless, you need to consider which generation suits your needs perfectly before purchasing a Surf.


The level

There are various trim levels available for any Toyota Hilux Surf for sale. These trim level include SSR-G, SSR X, SSR LTD and SSR. Basically, these trims run from SSR-SSR G. Nevertheless, these trims should not give you a headache as most of them nearly work the same. What you should be more concerned about is the physical condition of the Toyota Hilux Surf that you intend to buy. When you focus on the condition, you will not be confused by the appearance of a certain trim. Basically the differences between the trims may be very minimal such as shape or size.


Luggage space

This is a factor that you need to consider under any circumstances since a Hilux Surf isn’t a sports car. You need a lot of space if you are going to be camping or hiking with your Toyota Hilux Surf. Furthermore, ensure that the engine is in good condition before making any purchase. The best way to make sure that all these things go well smoothly is to work with a trusted car dealer. Working with a reputable car dealer ensures that you don’t have any problems after you buy your Toyota Hilux Surf.


Advantages of buying Japanese used cars

In the21st Century, owning a vehicle is no longer classified as luxurious. A car is very important for every household. Think of emergencies such as illness, fires and natural disasters. The number of cars manufactured every year can only be counted in millions; this is especially due to the high demand of vehicles all across the world. Today, top manufacturers are spending sleepless nights trying to figure out how they can beat their competitors in terms of design and other aspects. In Japan alone, there are top manufacturers such as Toyota, Subaru, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Honda. This is the first reason as to why you should go looking for used Japanese cars as there is  a wide variety to choose form.


It’s cheap

First of all, you will need to look for Japanese used car suppliers before spending a penny on the car. Once you have found one, you will discuss the price and you can make a bargain depending on the model of the car and the costs involved. Nevertheless, it’s always cheaper to get a used Japanese car than to buy a locally used car. The reason behind this is because there are many cars being produced in Japan and therefore most users sell them at a throw away price in order to buy new ones. If you compare the price of a used Japanese car including shipping fees, you will find that there is a significant difference in the pricing. Another reason that makes used Japanese cars cheap is the fact that Japanese people have so many restrictions when it comes to owning a car and therefore having more than one is quite expensive so they end up selling the old models in order to acquire new ones.


Used Japanese cars are always in good condition

Japan has so many car manufacturing industries and therefore there are numerous models being manufactured each and every year. Japanese people can easily purchase the new models at discounted prices and hence tend to ‘dispose’ the old models. Since the Japanese rules are so tight, it becomes very expensive to own a used Japanese car in Japan as they lose value at a high rate. Due to this tight rules imposed on car owners, the cars are still in good condition. Again, the infrastructure in Japan is first class and therefore you do not expect their cars to wear out easily.


It’s easy to find genuine exporters

Due to some of the reasons mentioned above, selling used Japanese cars is a booming business in Japan. Wherever there is a booming business, the competition is quite high and this makes it easy to find affordable cars from genuine dealers. Over the years this business has flourished and therefore many dealers are out there to make a name for themselves which becomes advantageous to the customers. This means you get discounts, better services and a good car.


No need to fix accessories

Many people overlook this fact but it’s very important. Every person who owns a car for more than three months will have already accessorized it with the most fundamental accessories. You will find a used Japanese car with accessories such as ABS, air bags, GPS, power steering and music systems among others at no extra cost. When you purchase a new car, you will have to go shopping for accessories later which tend to be expensive considering the fact that you are putting them in a used car.

Finally, you can get a used Japanese car from any of the numerous platforms specially created for selling them. You can buy the cars from auctions, car yards or private sellers and many more. All you need to do is research about your seller before committing yourself.


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